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YOUR CONSULTANT IS Michele Carpenter

My Story

Read my testimonials & a short story on how I discovered Scentsy .... I found myself buying my first Scentsy Warmer early 2015 after attending a friend of a friend’s party (mainly to help boost numbers at the party) But after listening to how safe and how easy it was to have in my home I was intrigued. The smell in the girls house was amazing, so getting to see all the range was perfect. Within no time I was ordering my second and some for my Christmas presents. When my gift recipients came to me asking how to get some for their friends I naturally told them all about the product.....All of a sudden I was selling Scentsy without even thinking about it... so I signed up!!! And love it!!!  I've always had candles and fairy lights in the house to create ambiance, but my timing was terrible.... I’d forget some days, other days I would have just sat down after a long day and the thought of getting up to light them all just wasn’t worth it! friends would call and I would be in a fuss because the house wasn’t what I wished it to be!!  Now that’s all changed .... I’ve changed!!! every morning I press the on button and off I go about my day (My main job is working from home) I walk through the house at least ten times a day and still every single time I walk into a room that my warmer is on I pause, I notice the scent every time! A deep breath and I would continue on. I’m calmer now, more content, happy now when friends and customers call. The feeling I use to get at the end of a day I have all day now!  Michéle                                              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Testimonials  Fiona O' Dolan star Michelle gave me a 'borrowed basket'. She lent me one of her Scentsy products to try for the week. After using it for two hours I knew I would be getting one. So easy to use and the smell was amazing! Not too overpowering - just perfect! The same scent lasted four full days and did not fade. I couldnt believe this! I have two dogs and am sometimes conscious about the 'doggy' smell in the house. I bought a timer for the plug and set the scentsy to come on an hour before I returned from work. Walking into a house that smelt beautiful was really lovely! I have placed an order for my own scentsy and am looking forward to trying out the different scents.   January 27, 2016  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sandra Maxwell star Couldn't wait to get my Bali warmer set up. I was not disappointed! So easy to use and filled the room with such a lovely scent. I will definitely be ordering another warmer for the kitchen. Michele is so helpful and knowledgeable.· February 22nd 2016 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <!--endbody-->